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Circular and CO2 neutral: sustainable heating or cooling with IDEAL ÖKO30 dry floor heating from Jupiter

Dry floor heating is a sustainable method of heating that is becoming increasingly popular. With this method, heating pipes are not laid in the wet screed, but in a dry (insulating) material. This ensures even heat distribution in the room, faster response times and better air movement t.g. heating, which is good for air quality and occupants' health. It also reduces CO2 emissions because less energy is required to achieve the desired temperature.

Jupiter has developed a circular and carbon-neutral drywall floor heating system that is fully recyclable. The heating pipes are made of recycled plastic and can be recycled again at the end of a project's lifetime. As a result, no new material is wasted and CO2 emissions are reduced. The elements in which the pipe is routed are made of FSC-certified wood fiber, with recycled aluminum slats incorporated on top. These elements are also completely reusable. In addition, Jupiter uses only green electricity in the production of the underfloor heating and the products are produced in Europe, thus reducing transport distance and CO2 emissions.

At project Juf Nienke in Amsterdam, 61 rental homes were realized with Jupiter IDEAL ÖKO30 floor heating. In addition to its ecological character, material savings, faster installation times and a reduction in waiting times make the system ideally suited for use in the production of prefabricated houses, as demonstrated in project Juf Nienke.

By choosing circular floor heating from Jupiter, your business or project can comfortably and sustainably heat or cool while reducing your carbon footprint. It is a good example of how innovative solutions can contribute to a more sustainable future. Jupiter is happy to help you contribute to the sustainable future.


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