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Heating churches sustainably can be a challenge, given that they are often large, tall buildings. Traditional heating systems are not always fast or efficient, and partly as a result can incur high energy costs. A heat pump a sustainable solution to this problem, but needs to be combined with appropriate emitters.

By combining a dry floor heating system from Jupiter with heat pumps from MasterTherm, for example, the church can be heated in an efficient and sustainable way. The Jupiter dry floor heating system has a low build height and can be laid on the existing floor, making the system also suitable for monumental buildings. The system is highly efficient because the heat is evenly distributed throughout the floor, resulting in higher heat source efficiency, lower energy consumption and therefore lower energy costs. A heat pump is a sustainable and efficient solution for heating churches, especially when combined with a Jupiter dry floor heating system.

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Jupiter Floor Heating - Lebuinus Church Deventer

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