Phonestar Soundproofing

Phonestar Soundproofing

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Phonestar plates

Jupiter believes that building projects become better by using better, faster and more durable materials. For example, Jupiter provides the Benelux region with the thinnest sound insulation ever. Sound insulation is an important element in construction. In new buildings and renovations, around 10 cm of rock wool is normally used for this purpose. Jupiter chooses the thinner PhoneStar system instead of rock wool as sound insulation solution.

Short facts:

  • Sound insulation Rw up to 34dB improvement
  • Easy (self) installation
  • From the noise of a busy road to a quiet bedroom
  • Quieting the (home) office
  • From €16.95 / m2 including VAT
  • Applicable everywhere
  • Free advice
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The PhoneStar boards produced by Wolf Bavaria are made of recycled cardboard elements filled with a special quartz sand. This quartz sand breaks sound waves extremely well, and therefore works perfectly as sound insulation. PhoneStar can be installed per 1200 mm by 800 mm board, or per 1250 mm by 625 mm board. The PhoneStar boards are available in three different thicknesses, namely 10 mm (PhoneStar Twin), 12.5 mm (Phonestar ST Tri), and 15 mm (Phonestar Tri). The PhoneStar ST Tri boards have approximately the same effect as 100 millimetres of rock wool for sound insulation!


Convincing advantages

  • Simplicity: sand and cardboard
  • Thinnest sound insulation ever
  • Very flat, thin and fast finish
  • Suitable for any house/building
  • Simple and fast assembly
  • Very environmentally friendly, fit for circular economy

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Jupiter Modern Floor Heating

"Jupiter chooses the thinner PhoneStar system instead of rock wool as a soundproofing solution"

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