System pipes

System pipes

Jupiter has its own tubes produced by a reputable manufacturer. This tube is checked for quality at least 3 times along its entire length during manufacture, ensuring that the tube meets the highest quality standards. Using high quality materials, Jupiter has narrowed the selection of tube types down to two:


Jupiter ALUPERT system tube

Jupiter ALUPERT system pipe is a high quality drinking water approved pipe, which has minimal temperature dependent expansion, and guarantees maximum diffusion density. This makes the pipe perfect for life-long solutions requiring minimal to no maintenance. Due to its aluminium core, Jupiter ALUPERT system pipe is, compared to PEX or PERT pipe, ideally suited for use in dry-building floor heating systems. Normal PEX or PERT pipe expands when heated and contracts when cooled. The aluminium core in the ALUPERT system tube reduces this process to zero expansion/contraction.


Jupiter system pipe PERT system pipe

Jupiter often uses its PERT system pipe for STANDARD systems. As an ideal solution for underfloor heating, the Jupiter PERT system pipe easily meets the requirements for system pipes in a central heating circuit. In addition, the tube is very popular for installation, and it is a great advantage in the speed of relocation in larger projects.

Jupiter Modern Floor Heating

"Jupiter has its own tubes produced by a reputable manufacturer.

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