Norit screed

Norit screed

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Norit floor plate

Jupiter believes that construction projects become better by using better, faster and more durable materials. That is why Jupiter offers, among other things, the Norit TE-20 dry construction floor boards. These floor plates are the best solution for a dry construction screed and are easier and faster to install than, for example, Fermacell floor plates. The Norit dry construction gypsum fibre floor board can be laid easily and quickly, without screws, and requires much less subsequent treatment than other brands. Finishing floors can for instance be laid directly over the Norit floor, without levelling!

The quality of the components of Norit floor slabs is better than that of the competition. This results in a sheet 2.5 times stronger, which can be used in all situations. All the ingredients in Norit boards come from residual material flows, and have a minimal footprint. Norit is therefore made with waste, and can therefore be fully recycled in its own production.

The Norit TE-20 floorboards can be installed over all Jupiter IDEAL dry construction systems. 24 hours after installation, you can apply any type of screed directly over the Norit dry construction screed.

How to install

  1. Lay down the first plate
  2. Apply adhesive to the plate
  3. Click the plates together
  4. The plates are now correctly connected

Convincing advantages of Norit TE-20:

  • Glue, click, done. Particularly fast click system results in extremely flat surfaces
  • Extreem hoge maatvastheid (variaties < 1mm)
  • Shorter installation time compared to existing systems
    - Immediate average of 1 working day time saving per 100m2
    - Indirectly, up to 2 weeks of time savings due to very short curing time
  • No screws needed to connect elements, therefore no levelling is required
  • Little or no additional post-treatment required for finishing with various floor finishes

Jupiter Modern Floor Heating

"The Norit drywall plasterboard is easy and quick to lay, without screws.

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